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Jun 7, 2023 1:44:11 PM4 min read

Flavour Frenzy: A Look at the Hottest Flavours in Chocolate Confectionery in 2023

Curious about the current flavour trends in confectionery and snacking?

Our team’s been busy finding out. 

Get a sneak peek of the current trends and findings of our team by reviewing the menu below.

Join us as we explore the exciting world of chocolate flavours! Our team has gathered valuable insights from ExpoWest 2023 and highlights from the recent Sweets&Snacks in Chicago. We're also thrilled to share the latest innovations from our research and development department. Get ready to indulge in all things chocolate with us!

Chocolate flavours that dominate the market in 2023

This year, the chocolate market is brimming with an array of captivating flavours that tantalize the taste buds. From luscious salted caramel to indulgent dark chocolate infused with exotic spices, 2023 embraces unique and innovative flavour profiles. Expect to encounter bursts of tangy fruit, velvety smooth nutty notes, and the enchanting harmony of floral and chocolate undertones. 

ExpoWest 2023 was a spectacular event that showcased the best of the best in chocolate flavour trends.  Classic flavours like hazelnut, almond, and caramel will remain popular this year, particularly among brand owners and manufacturers looking to expand their product portfolio.

Check out our Product Innovation Manager Diana Cifuentes' summary of this year's Expo West.

Caramelo is a beloved classic flavour in the world of chocolate confectionery. Designed for those seeking moments of relaxation and self-indulgence, our new chocolate couverture, Caramelo 33%, offers a delightful caramel experience. Crafted with caramelized milk, it strikes a perfect harmony between the familiar and the sweet, leaving you with a luxuriously smooth sensation. This couverture opens a world of culinary possibilities, inviting to unleash creativity and delight discerning taste buds. What is interesting is the seasonal use of these flavours.

A seasonal flavour is often considered sentimental by consumers, as described by the Institute of Food Technology as a key trend for 2023. Therefore, it’s safe to expect more products to be released when specific flavours are considered to be at the peak of their season, such as strawberry and orange in summer and salted caramel for indulgent winter treats.

Innovative Flavours Shaping the Future of the Confectionery Industry

Red fruits such as strawberries and raspberries are becoming increasingly popular among brands, as they offer both a splash of color and a distinctive fruity taste. This helps products stand out amongst competitors.

Exotic fruits such as guava, melon, passion fruit, and pomegranate are also trending for limited edition products, providing a unique flavour experience for customers. In the US in particular, these flavours are noted as a top trend for 2023 by the Future Market Insights report, noting not only the use of exotic flavours but their personalized approach for each customer base. 

With each delectable bite, consumers will experience a symphony of flavours that redefine chocolate indulgence and cater to the ever-evolving palates of chocolate enthusiasts.

However, the flavour isn’t just the taste of something but an avenue to health, comfort, and luxury. There is still a demand for nostalgic flavours due to the pandemic,  such as s'mores and childhood candy favorites. These flavours can evoke feelings of comfort and nostalgia, making them a great option for brands to appeal to a wide range of clients.

A growing range of opportunities for brands in confectionery 

Plant-based is a growing segment in chocolate confectionery, especially in the US. According to Innova Market Insights, in 2022, launches of plant-based, vegan, and vegetarian chocolates worldwide corresponded to 20.7% of all new chocolate products. With rising concerns about the planet and our health, younger generations especially are becoming more aware of the impact of their food choices, contributing to this growth. 

Flavours that dominate the plant-based confectionery segment are oat, almond, and certain peas - most commonly through the use of alternative milk. The use of dairy alternatives changes the flavour of the overall product, adding nut or oat flavours to the final taste. Products in this category need to be as flavoursome as any other, with consumers looking for plant-based products that are still indulgent.

To cater to this trend, brands use milk alternatives such as oat milk and coconut milk to create indulgent treats while reducing the environmental footprint of their products. As a result, consumers can enjoy their favorite chocolate confectionery guilt-free, knowing that they are contributing to a more sustainable future.

At Luker, we are committed to addressing consumer insights and developing innovative solutions that respond to sustainability concerns. As part of this commitment, we continuously expand our portfolio with new plant-based and reduced-sugar products that meet these changing needs.

We work closely with our customers, co-creating unique solutions that meet their specific needs and preferences. This collaborative approach drives innovation in our products and delivers top-quality products that are at the cutting edge of flavour trends. The research and development teams host multiple sessions to fully understand the needs of our client's consumer base, tackling these groups' challenges and creating bespoke solutions. Flavour profiling is one way the team is driving this. 

Any brand looking to capitalize on flavour trends this 2023 can talk to our team, who will consult on application and chocolate product production, marketing, packaging, and sustainability. 

Unleash your chocolate curiosity by connecting with our team for flavourful innovations here!