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Plant-based chocolate is a sustainable indulgence made solely from plant-derived ingredients, without animal products. This eco-friendly alternative often uses nut or grain-based milks to replicate the creamy texture of traditional chocolates, catering to both vegan diets and dairy-sensitive consumers. Its production supports environmental conservation and appeals to health-conscious individuals seeking a guilt-free, delicious treat.


Sustainability and ethical considerations are emerging in consumer health, and Plant-based and natural alternatives are expected to drive growth across most regions.



For those who prioritize both the planet and well-being, our plant-based chocolates stand as a beacon. Tailored for the environmentally aware and health-focused, these formulations represent a harmonious blend of sustainable indulgence without a hint of compromise.



Frequently asked questions about our chocolate recipes and business model.
What is plant-based chocolate?

Plant-based chocolate is made without any animal derivatives, using ingredients from plants.

What are the benefits of using plant-based chocolate?

It caters to vegan diets, supports sustainability, and offers unique flavour profiles.

What types of plant-based chocolate do you offer?

We provide a 43% formulation with a silky, creamy texture. Additionally, we can adapt to sugar-free and white chocolate plant-based formulations.

What types of products can I make with plant-based chocolate?

From bars and bonbons to truffles and coatings, it's versatile for various creations.

How can I get a sample of your plant-based chocolate?

Simply reach out via our contact form, and we'll guide you. Times and availability may vary on specific requirements.

How can I order plant-based chocolate from your company?

Let us know your NPD or chocolate supply needs through this form. We will be more than glad to assist you with whatever you need.

Do you offer custom plant-based chocolate formulations? Yes, we tailor formulations to meet specific needs and preferences.
What type of support do you provide for developing plant-based chocolate products?

We offer guidance, expertise, and R&D collaboration from ideation to market.

Is it vegan friendly and or dairy free?

Our oat m!Lk chocolates are suitable for vegan consumption as they don't have milk or animal originated ingredients. However, they are not categorized as ""Dairy free"", as they may contain traces of milk. This is because the chocolate is produced in the same equipment as other cho chocolates in our portfolio. In order to manage cross contamination we have in place a thorough haccp allergen control plan.

Does it temper/work/flow the same as regular milk chocolate?

It tempers as dark chocolate since the oat has no extra fat as dairy milk does while maintaining a creamy texture. 

How can I request a sample?

To request a sample you can contact us here. Tell us your needs.