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Jun 17, 2022 12:39:43 PM4 min read

What are the characteristics of Single Estate chocolate?

What do we talk about when we talk about single estate chocolate? What are the particularities behind these chocolates? let's find out.

By Daniela Quintero Fernandez, Chief of Design & Product Development

We have already clarified the differences between single country, single origin, and single estate chocolate. Knowing that the origin of cocoa, and its derivatives, influence the flavour profile of chocolate, then, what characterizes single estate chocolate?

Well, this depends a lot on the farm, the land where it is located, its people, and its cocoa culture. Therefore, in single estate chocolate, the options are endless and will be directly related to the identity of that farm.

What is certain is that they will be predominant and very defined notes, notes that are almost impossible to find in other chocolates. Or, at least not with the same intensity and definition as in a single estate type.

For example, in Rosario 78.5%, our single estate, notes of wine and wood stand out, accompanied by a subtle citric acidity, which reminds you of a sweet orange, balanced with a perfect touch of walnuts.

The truth is that it is difficult to describe it. Because words always fail when you try to describe the essence or the uniqueness of someone. And it is only through experience that you manage to understand what it really means.

How can chocolate be a vehicle for impactful sustainability?

The impact of single estate chocolate is multifaceted since it brings with it many factors. It is through chocolate of this type that you can achieve a significant influence on a cultural level. A farm is directly connected to its community and its surroundings.

By generating jobs, a farm directly influences the development of that community. Also, these employees, if the farm is an example of good practices, can become influencers and guardians of their environment.

This can be witnessed in programs such as Environmental Watchers: this initiative allows community members to become guardians of the biodiversity of their region.

Another example of the impact is by teaching different actors the key techniques for the improvement and performance of crops and promoting development and prosperity.

In addition to being a single estate, a collaborative culture is promoted where all the actors work together to achieve our dreams, dreams that go beyond the development of a unique sensory profile.

We are also concerned about growth, education, better working conditions, and quality of life. Dreams of a better future for all. But that is not all, dreams are also linked to a better planet, improving and optimizing the management of non-renewable resources. This is to promote the development and conservation of fauna and flora.

A cocoa farm is not just a crop! It is the habitat of a wide variety of flora and fauna. Along with the responsibility for the cocoa harvest, for the well-being of the workers and their families, also comes the responsibility for the conservation of each one of the living species that live within it.

What is 100% traceable chocolate? A Trustable cocoa supply chain

We are talking about chocolate of which we know its entire history, and we also understand the impact that this history generates. We know where it comes from, and how and when it was grown and processed. Information that is not easy to obtain because the cocoa value chain is usually quite complex.

This history and this knowledge of 100% of the information in the value chain allows us to understand and internalize many variables that range from the sensory profile to the impact that this crop has in terms of sustainability.

Being able to count on 100% traceable cocoa means transparency and a full understanding of the value chain. This understanding is synonymous with growth and benefit for all its members.

We can know things about cocoa such as that it was planted in an agroforestry system or even the names of the people who worked on its cultivation and under what conditions they did it.

What does this enable us to do?  

This allows us to be certain of zero deforestation, and no child labour, among others. Having knowledge about each actor within the value chain allows us to take care of every aspect of production. In this way, we can ensure that our cocoa is free of many of the problems that are related to production.

From the cocoa grower to the final consumer. It is through 100% traceable chocolate that we can demonstrate opportunities for improvement and execute and promote the development of different initiatives in the cocoa value chain to improve the working conditions of cocoa farmers.

At the same time, it is possible for us to identify the impact that the transformation of this wonderful product has on the planet and mitigate it.

It also allows us to develop chocolates with unique sensory profiles that reflect the essence and purpose of a farm, thus achieving that the crop, transport, processing, sale, and consumption of cocoa, are in a balanced cycle that guarantees not only the construction of a better value chain but above all a better future for its members, for the planet and for all those of us who live in it.