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Mar 23, 2021 1:55:42 PM2 min read

Why clean-label cocoa doesn't mean you have to sacrifice quality

Reducing sugar: clean label chocolate

Industry data shows the global sugar substitute market is growing at a CAGR of 5.6 % between the forecast period 2019 to 2024

Two thirds of Europeans have started trying to lower their sugar intake due to increasing awareness of the harmful effects of sugar and benefits of its substitutes

‘Better for you’ candy is experiencing substantial growth, as conscious consumers seek snacking options that prioritise health and avoid the negative environmental impacts of cane sugar and high fructose corn syrup.

New research by chocolate manufacturer Luker Chocolate shows a number of shoppers seek alternative sugar-based products when looking for a sweet snack. In response, two-thirds of Luker’s client base has come forward in the last year to expand their product offering.

Today’s markets are far more specialised and consumers more demanding. Willing to pay more for healthy, natural products which are organic or free-from.

In response to the demand, Luker Chocolate has launched a new portfolio of sugar free and natural sugar alternative chocolates. This includes allulose and erythritol-stevia sugar free options or, panela, maple, coconut and agave as sugar alternatives. Formulations maintain the unique characteristics of Luker Chocolate's Fino de Aroma cocoas, while offering a sweet balance with the added health benefits.

The market owes it rising awareness to the adverse health effects of sugar and benefits of substitutes as they contain low or no calories. Preventing more extreme cases of tooth decay and high blood sugar levels. Though many have turned to dark chocolate as a substitute in the past for its high cocoa percentage, clean-label cocoa doesn’t mean sacrificing quality or your selection of choice.

Paul Morris, European Sales Manager of Luker Chocolate comments, ‘As Luker Chocolate is able to craft chocolates at origin, we have direct control and an understanding of the single origin cocoas we use. This means we have a developed knowledge of how we can best provide unique flavours, even when developing healthier attributes by pairing with more functional ingredients.’

Doisy & Dam, client of Luker Chocolate and known for their vegan and palm oil free approach, are just one of many brands who are making a name for themselves in this space.

"Well always deliver a high cocoa content in order to minimize room for sugar and fat. It’s our promise that we will use as few ingredients as possible and the best possible, all of which have at least 30% less sugar than their market alternatives. Working with Luker at the heart of supply chain means we work with the best cocoa possible, promising quality and flavour."