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Aug 12, 2021 6:48:32 PM1 min read

We've launched our chocolate e-commerce for the United Kingdom

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Family-owned, Colombian chocolate company, Luker Chocolate has launched an ecommerce platform, allowing for the first-time direct purchases by customers in the UK. The platform, launched this month, will provide the wider UK market greater access to Luker’s crafted at origin, artisan cocoa and chocolate.

The UK is the first market to access Luker’s ecommerce platform. The launch of the ecommerce site will determine the success of direct selling, with the potential for expansion into other territories. The Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in a boom in ecommerce, which will reshape how businesses operate and customers make purchase decisions.

The launch coincides with the business strengthening its logistics capabilities in the UK, which will enable the availability of a wider variety of products, with quicker delivery times and trackable orders.

Colombian chocolate is growing in popularity in the UK. Luker’s unique, crafted at origin, premium chocolate and cocoa is now more accessible for brands looking for a supplier that values quality, sustainability and using cocoa for good. Luker offers a wide range of chocolate from different regions, enabling the UK market to sample all the chocolate Colombia has to offer.

Camilo Romero, CEO of Luker Chocolate, says: “From our Luker's farms in rural Colombia, our crafted at origin cocoa now has a much wider reach in the UK. This new platform will allow for more of our customers to buy direct from the Luker website, streamlining the purchasing process and expanding our UK portfolio. After a strong year for premium Colombian cocoa, we are excited to see how this platform will shape our business.”