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Oct 25, 2021 4:31:40 PM1 min read

Warm up the soul with Luker Chocolate’s real hot chocolate

New range of instant Hot Chocolate

This month, family owned, ethically sourced premium chocolate company, Luker Chocolate launches a new range of hot chocolate. The range is inspired by classic European recipes, and uses ethically sourced Cacao Fino de Aroma, a fine flavour cocoa that makes up only 8% of the worlds’ supply.

Luker Chocolate is launching the range in time for winter, responding to the growing demands for hot chocolate products that are a little taste of luxury in the comfort of your own home.

Since the lockdown, demands on at home luxury products has risen due to more people searching for their indulgent treats inside the house. As we head into the second winter since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, consumers will be looking to upgrade their sweet treats once more.

One issue with typical hot chocolate products is the lack of a rich flavour profile and quality ingredients. For this range, Luker use chocolate over cocoa powder, which includes cocoa butter. The added cocoa butter creates a velvety texture and a far richer flavour profile that appeals to consumers looking for a superior hot chocolate experience.

The range celebrates traditional European chocolatiers, including flavours of double chocolate, hazelnut, vanilla caramel and mocha. Also in the range are special holiday flavours: salted caramel and peppermint. Hot chocolate is immersed in Colombian culture. Most people drink a cup of cocoa every day, sourced locally from Colombian cocoa farms. Combining Luker’s hot chocolate heritage with premium European inspired flavours marries traditions from two continents to create something new. Luker’s hot chocolate is exclusively sourced and manufactured in Colombia, crafting the entire product at origin.

Cristian Chu, Luker Chocolate Vice President of New Business and Product Development says, “hot chocolate is a Colombian tradition. Our dedicated team has built a beautiful new product that fully delivers on our brand values whilst keeping our reputation for premium quality. Since Luker started over 100 years ago, we have changed a lot, but our love for chocolate has never wavered. I’m proud to say that now we offer Colombian hot chocolate how it should be.”