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Oct 19, 2023 12:29:32 PM4 min read

Why Caramel Flavour is the Perfect chocolate Confectionery Canvas?

Refreshed and republished on October 19th, 2023
This post was originally published on September 14th, 2022, and has been enhanced and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

Caramel and chocolate are a match made in heaven, and for a good reason. Caramel has become the perfect partner to chocolate due to its natural flavor profile and versatility in the confectionery world.

In this blog, we will explore why caramel is the perfect canvas to create wonderful chocolate confectionery products.

It has a classic sweet flavor combined with subtle notes of butter and nuts, which make it ideally suited for several applications.

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What is caramel chocolate?

It is a specific type of chocolate with a caramel-like flavor profile. This is achieved by using caramelized sugar as one of the ingredients in the production process. Interestingly, this is the method used for most traditional couvertures available in the market today. (at Luker, we make this differently. Keep reading to know how)

When discussing chocolate vs. caramel, most will define chocolate as a food made from roasted cocoa beans. In comparison, caramel is a smooth, chewy confection often presented in a candy format as a result of heating a range of sugars.

But, what if we were to combine the two to create a fusion of cocoa and caramel?

Caramel Couvertures are unique because create a feeling of familiarity for the consumer. It also presents a perfect canvas for brands and chocolatiers looking to create new and exciting flavour combinations or textures in confectionery, snacking, baking and even hot chocolate (a Colombian favorite).

product fact sheet caramel

The caramel flavour is perfect for chocolate confectionery due to its versatility, it adds depth, sweetness and richness to the chocolate.

Caramel indulgence ‘the Luker way’

In line with our commitment to quality, Luker continues to collaborate globally with challenger chocolate brands. Creating products and crafting our caramel couverture, Caramelo 33%, following best sustainability practicesNot only is the couverture an opportunity for us to continue collaborating with farmers to grow cocoa and protect the environment, but we can support clients to meet the wider consumer demand for nostalgic and flavours.

The chocolate couverture has a delicious caramel flavour, using caramelized milk to create a classic yet sweet balance, followed by a velvety smooth finish. All are inspired by the traditional caramel-like treats found in different regions of Colombia like “arequipe” and “manjar blanco”.

caramelo chocolate providerCaramelo 33% chocolate waffer

A flavour set in nostalgia

In today’s market, consumers are increasingly drawn to indulgent experiences that evoke positive emotions. This type of profile completely embodies this, particularly when it comes to consumer snacking choices, often opting for decadent treats made with the best ingredients.

According to Food Technology’s research from industry experts, including flavorists, chefs, trendspotters, futurists, entrepreneurs, and more, ‘Nostalgia’ and ‘Newstalgia’ are two trends that we expect to see being taken forward in 2023 and beyond.

Some brands find that sense of nostalgia being incorporated may be as simple as relaunching a flavor that was popular back in the day, such as caramel. 

This desire we’re seeing for nostalgic flavors and food trends is not new, as Symrise called out in its 2022 North American Top Trends report, “entering a post-pandemic world influences what people are nostalgic for, whether it’s the comfort foods of their childhood or the more recent memory of a sandwich from a favorite deli they haven’t visited in two years.” In response to this behavior, caramel remains one of the top three flavors in confectionery over the last five years according to (Innova Market Insights), with its familiar and nostalgic taste resonating with consumers of all ages.

A graph that shows the average share of chocolates with caramel globally in the last 6 years. This research is from Innova Market Insights 2022.

In unison, consumers are also becoming more environmentally conscious, actively looking for brands with a commitment to sustainability. With Luker’s expertise and transparent value chain, this is an ideal opportunity for artisanal chocolatiers, brand owners and small manufacturers to explore new production creations with Caramelo 33%.

Download here our caramel product fact sheet button.

Caramelo’s endless confectionery applications

making caramel chocolates for confectionery

Caramelo 33% 's delicate balance of cocoa and caramelised milk leaves us with a smooth, milky and intense caramel sensory profile. An ideal chocolate couverture for everyday indulgent creations, or as a smooth base flavour for those who want to experiment with more sophisticated flavour pairings.

Caramelo 33% is an incredibly versatile canvas for many delicious creations. Its creamy texture makes it the perfect canvas to adopt new flavors such as hazelnut or sea salt, leading to more adventurous chocolate creations such as the flawless consumer favorite – salted caramel. It’s also superb for panning a crunchy center like cashews or cocoa nibs or pairing with spicy and exotic flavors like chai.

Product Development Team - Luker Chocoalte 2022

product fact sheet caramel

In baking, this indulgent couverture can be used to elevate chocolate recipes with a caramel twist – think caramel brownies and caramel chocolate cannolis. When it comes to decorations, shavings of Caramelo are the perfect luxurious finishing touch atop any cake, cookie or patisserie creation.

With a similar crystallisation curve to that of milk chocolate, Caramelo 33% is easy to temper and stabilize, meaning it’s a great choice for enrobing cakes, truffles, biscuits and more. For a glossy satin finish and hard snap, melt the couverture between 40-45°C, cool to 27-28°C and mold it into a chocolate delight at 29-30°C.  For a glossy satin finish and hard snap, melt the

The Milk Chocolate Crystallization curve, a line graph example.

Feeling inspired to experiment with the new Caramelo 33% chocolate couverture? Contact the team today to find out more and future plans for Luker’s Sensación’ line of indulgent chocolate couvertures. Caramelo 33% is available for purchase worldwide and direct purchase online in the UK.