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Jan 11, 2023 6:24:30 PM2 min read

Cocoa Masters

Recognizing our Luker's farmers sustainable farming practices

We want to recognize the sustainable practices of producers and associations.

Through this program, we aim to raise the income and life quality of cocoa-growing families by increasing their productivity and improving the quality of cocoa.


Furthermore, we want current and future generations to continue harvesting and enjoying cocoa, understanding the role of cocoa in developing their communities and regions, and being aware of the importance of taking care of natural resources.


Huila, Tumaco and Casanare

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Huila is a department in southwest Colombia with a diverse range of ecosystems, including forests, desert, and paramo regions. Its main economic activities are agriculture and tourism, with crops such as fruits, rice, cotton, coffee, and cocoa.

Tumaco is a municipality in the department of Nariño, also in southwestern Colombia, with a population of 257,000, mostly Afro-Colombians. Its main economic activities are fishing, agriculture, and cultivation of various crops. The population faces issues such as low-quality education and health coverage, as well as violence and illegal activities.

Villanueva is a municipality in the department of Casanare with a population of 31,727. Its main economic activities are palm farming, livestock, and oil, however, the armed conflict has affected this area, and oil extraction has decreased interest in agricultural work. The region also has high rates of gender-based violence. Luker has farms in each of these regions, with a focus on cocoa production.

An environmentally friendly chocolate comes from responsible farming practices

The program consists of 6 levels and 36 challenges, and each level integrates environmental, social, and productive practices.

For six months, the producer carries out the previously selected sustainable practices. As they are completed, they send evidence or show them during farm visits, accumulating points recorded in a passport. In addition, the producer earns points for each kilogram of cocoa they sell.

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At the end of the six months, the producer and the association can exchange points for various prizes. In the case of producers, they receive rewards for their food security, such as broiler chickens, laying hens, groceries, or farm inputs such as fertilizer and tools, among others. In the case of associations, according to the points obtained, they can present a proposal for a prize to improve the purchase points or processing centres.





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