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Jan 17, 2023 4:35:45 PM2 min read

Discover Cocoa

Cultivating love for the countryside

In order to help kids and teenagers fall in love with the countryside and discover prospects for professional growth there, we want to teach them about cocoa.

In Necocli and Villanueva, young people are currently moving from the countryside to live in cities and pursue jobs unrelated to farming.



Necoclí and Villanueva

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Necoclí, on the Caribbean coast, is one of the eleven municipalities that make up the subregion of Urabá, located in the department of Antioquia. It has a population of 42,000 inhabitants. Very close to this municipality, we find "El Rosario" Farm, which has been Luker's anchor crop in the region since 2011. It has 517 hectares of cocoa, produces between 130 and 267 tons annually, and works with six associations in the area.

We have numerous projects in the villages of Caribia, Alto Carito, Buenos Aires, and Limoncito, which are close to our farm. These areas have been affected by armed conflict and forced displacement. Due to the low-income levels, 15% of the population does not consume at least three meals a day. Regarding health, it takes 42 minutes on average to get to the closest medical facility. Primary school is the highest level of education for nearly 50% of the population.

Villanueva is a municipality in the department of Casanare with a population of 31,727. Its main economic activities are palm farming, livestock, and oil. However, the armed conflict has affected this area, and oil extraction has decreased interest in agricultural work. The region also has high rates of gender-based violence.

Luker's farm, "El Paraiso," has been in this region since 2020. The farm has 3,800 hectares, 1,125 of which are of cocoa. We work with 12 producers through direct purchase and 25 producers through our Masters of Cocoa program. The farm produces 285 tons of dry cocoa annually.

Transforming Education for a Sustainable Cocoa Future by Empowering the Youth

It is a long-term project, projected to be completed by 2027.

Children from sixth grade receive 46 hours of theoretical and practical training per year.

In the tenth and eleventh grades, the young people receive a final training with the support of our partner SENA, to graduate as technicians in cocoa cultivation.




6 schools are part of the project

3 schools

Are part of the project

365 children from the ages of 5 to 7

More than 300 children

and youth impacted

It is developed during the school year

46 hours

of annual training


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