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May 30, 2023 8:49:08 AM< 1 min read

Green Guardians

Uniting Cocoa Plantations for Conservation

We are looking to promote the care of our forests and water sources and protect biodiversity by training workers from our three cocoa plantations in Necoclí, Huila, and Casanare.

In addition, we want to raise awareness among them on biodiversity, the care and recognition of species, and the importance of taking care of our environment.

We are developing these capabilities to protect our fauna and flora, have constant monitoring of the species found in our plantations, and generate awareness among the nearby populations as the collaborators live in the villages near the plantations.




Empowering Workers: Training & Exchange



The workers received monthly training. Additionally, we created virtual groups where they still share photographs and exchange information about the species identified on our farms.



1 year of monthly training

1 Year

Of monthly training

44 Green Guardians trained

44 Green Guardians




We are looking for a Dreamer to sponsor this wonderful project!